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Empowering you to reach your financial goals through expert advice

Our services are fully customized to the needs of our clients, and we do not believe that one-size-fits-all.

At Kansai Tokushima Management, we understand that each client has different requirements, goals, and, most importantly - a different starting point.

Flexible Asset
Management Strategies

Our asset management strategies are flexible to suit your specific lifestyle and financial situation.

Asset management is a vehicle for maintaining and developing wealth, and we are committed to helping you make the most of your current asset base. With an eye on financial planning, taxation, retirement planning, risk management, asset allocation, and more, our team has a lot of tools at its disposal.

As you would expect from any professional asset manager, we take performance very seriously. At its core, asset management is about identifying potential pitfalls that can affect returns (such as risk) and re-configuring your strategy to mitigate them.

Close Working

Our asset managers work closely with our clients to understand their individual wishes and needs, thereby providing tailored solutions for each customer.

In the same way, our financial services benefit from this close working relationship, and our financial experts can be more responsive to your needs while providing a solution that fits your overall goal.

Whether it is trading advice you need or financial planning for your next adventure, we help you take control and understand your financial situation.


We will build a portfolio based on the specifics of your goals and expectations, while our financial planners can provide solutions to help you in situations such as:

  • College savings
    plans for children
  • Executive
  • Retirement
  • Asset
  • Tax
  • Risk

Trading Approach

Trading is all about getting the most out of your asset base, whatever its size. We take a comprehensive approach to trading, creating custom plans with an eye on risk management.

Our asset managers can help you decide where to trade - in well-known financial markets, and even choose alternative investments to diversify your asset base.

Achieving Your
Financial Goals

Alternative investments give you access to investment products that are not traded on open exchanges and which might be difficult for the average investor to find. We can help you decide whether alternative investments are right for you, weighing up the pros and cons of each type over time.

We want you to benefit from the best asset management out there, and we are certain that you will appreciate our attention to detail.

We pride ourselves on delivering financial services that are second to none.

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