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Both company employees and clients must adhere to the Kansai Tokushima Management's Data Protection Policy.

The policy provides detailed measures the business should take to ensure compliance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. It recognizes the importance of data management and compliance with data protection laws and creates an environment that trusts and strengthens relationships with all stakeholders.

Privacy Law

Kansai Tokushima Management preserves its client information by structuring databases and complying with relevant legislation. Data processing must comply with all privacy laws and regulations.

This policy specifies the company's requirements and what must be done by its employees to comply with the GDPR and DPA. The Data Protection Handbook for the paper covers data protection aspects. This legislation provides the legal framework for personal data collection to ensure adequate financial data security laws.

The company's approach focuses on an overarching Data Security Policy aimed at harmonizing with applicable laws. The GDPR Handbook and Policy is the foundation for the processing of data from individuals.

Principles of

This policy applies to Kansai Tokushima Management employees, clients, and all circumstances where data is processed on behalf of the organization. No matter who owns the information, how it was created, or who produced it.

To not involve the company, individuals taking honorary or special rank should keep this policy in mind. Kansai Tokushima Management will provide the requested information as they see fit.

All those who process personal data must ensure that a third party always keeps that information safe and secure. When Kansai Tokushima Management gathers personal data from clients, it complies with the principles of accountability. The company must inform the users of the nature and intended purposes of the processing procedure. Kansai Tokushima Management should implement the processing of data according to the intended use.

Client Data

The processing of client data must comply with one of the following requirements; the participant wishes to participate, the processing is critical for fulfilling an obligation, it is required by law, anyone must protect their vital interests, disclosure is mandatory for the public interest to perform an official duty or it is imperative to preserve our business.

Kansai Tokushima Management must agree on conditions in particular categories of data; the data is based on explicit consent, the procedure is required for vital interests, non-profit agencies provide the programs, processing operations are publicly available, the processing is for legal claims, data is essential to society or the process is used for health services.

Personal data is stored for a specified period only and can then be deleted. Both forms of information include smartphones, tablets, PCs, and paper, regardless of where it is stored. When data exists, it has to be deleted or lost. Privacy notices from companies clarify what data must be stored and for how long.

To process personal data, the company must be compliant with GDPR and DPA. The data controller will apply the necessary technical, organizational, and privacy measures to protect the personal data processed.

Privacy Issues

Kansai Tokushima Management must carefully address privacy issues at the earliest stage before implementation when considering new processing activities or setting up new processes or systems requiring personal data. During the design stages of a process and throughout a project's lifespan, the DPA is a framework for determining privacy risks. This formulation would ensure that the process integrates privacy and data protection issues.

The use of pseudonyms and the anonymization of data are ways to reduce threats to personal data. Knowledge about groups of people can be anonymous or pseudonymous whenever feasible.

The researcher will take adequate steps to ensure that these activities are compatible with this policy and the handbook guidelines before doing any research involving collecting or using personal data. The researcher must ensure that all applicable principles of fairness, openness, and legality are respected and that clients' privacy is respected. The guidelines call for the anonymization or pseudonymization of all data immediately after processing.

Personal Data

Clients have the right to request access to and receive copies of information held by the company, and Kansai Tokushima Management shall provide this information in a structured, widely used, and machine-readable format. To fulfill the demands, the firm must have the requested timeline.

Specific individuals are entitled to the removal of personal files. Generally, this applies if the information is no longer used, withhold permission from the client, or where the data can be easily identified.

Data subjects may not want to lose their data but wish to have it stored for future research in a private database.

The user has the right to have the data corrected in the event of inaccuracy in the user's data. Please contact us for assistance if customer data is missing and the data cannot be improved.

Marketing Activities

Subjects of the data may use their consent to restrict their data from being processed. There is a need for the data subject to justify their disapproval of how their data will be processed. Suggestions for these requests should be directed to the Data Protection Officer.

The information provided to Kansai Tokushima Management can be used only for the purpose for which it was obtained. An amended privacy notice will be necessary if personal data obtained through an initial approach is modified.

Direct marketing promotes the beliefs and ideals of consumer products and services available. This should include announcements of future events, such as fundraising, marketing, and selling goods. The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 regulate non-electronic mail marketing via postal mail, fax, email, and text messaging. In all advertisements and marketing materials, the company must follow all applicable laws and must discontinue all advertising and marketing activities upon request.

Data Protection

For all staff members, Kansai Tokushima Management decided to implement a mandatory Data Protection Training course. To receive authorization to use research under the GDPR, all employees must complete this module.

For all personally identifiable information, Kansai Tokushima Management maintains a reasonable and proportional level of protection. It also includes protecting the data against loss, breaches of security, and other inadvertent harm.

The organization is committed to protecting consumer data and delivering secure, reliable solutions. Various examples of data breaches include loss or theft of property, insufficient control of access, failure of equipment, disclosure of knowledge, human error, or cyber-attack.

Report an

If there is a data security incident, it must be reported to the company's Data Privacy Officer, and that individual will investigate the incident and determine if a data breach has occurred, if necessary. Contact our Data Protection Officer immediately if you think you may be a victim of a data breach – data.protection@ktminvestor.com.

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