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Identifying investment opportunities that benefit our communities

Corporate social responsibility is a crucial component of the wealth management industry.

At Kansai Tokushima Management, our corporate social responsibility policy means that we look at the effects our investments will make on local communities worldwide and the environmental impact any investment may have.

Smart Investment

In line with our asset management philosophy, we seek to make responsible investments in projects that can lead to real change in communities and give a tangible return for the future.

Through asset management and smart investment strategies, we aim to generate wealth for our clients and provide real benefits to the areas any investments affect, whether it is growing small businesses, building new homes for a community, or ensuring that people in developing countries have access to the financial opportunities they need.


To ensure that asset management is sustainable, our experts seek to understand the true cost of any asset they invest in.

Whether it is plantations for commercial crop production or sustainable fisheries, we nurture asset managers who are committed to minimizing negative effects on the environment and creating positive change.


To find investment opportunities that provide real benefits to communities and spur economic growth, we seek partners that share our values and support our belief in making a real impact on the lives of others.

Our asset management company has an active role in working with asset owners and asset operators to determine the best strategies for smart investments.

With alternative assets such as infrastructure funds that focus on sustainable waste collection technologies or green energy production, we have a chance to enact real change in many ways.

When we work towards your financial goals together, there is no reason why you cannot succeed.

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