Kansai Tokushima Management


Discovering an innovative approach to investing your wealth

Kansai Tokushima Management sits at the heart of international finance.

The quiet landscape of the countryside contrasts with the hustle and bustle of the busy cities and financial districts, and it is in this contrast we discover a new way of dealing with finance.

To Evolve

Formulated in 2013 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Kansai Tokushima Management is a growing business with over 160 staff members. We have built a strong track record of success by continuing to evolve the investment strategies we offer to our clients. Our financial experts are always open to implementing new strategies as and when the markets demand.

We believe that asset management is an opportunity for growth in changing situations, and we aim to work for the mutual benefit of our clients, our staff, and the world around us.

Market Change

We offer both wealth management and corporate financial services with a proactive attitude that gets the results our clients need.

Our clients range from seasoned finance veterans to those who have not made a single investment in their life - but every client is equal to us. We provide the same level of insight and advice to help determine the best investment strategy for you, whether it is stocks and shares, forex trading, or any of the more esoteric investments and markets that are often overlooked.

On Facts

Asset management, investing, and trading can be very lucrative. We are fortunate to have the experience and understanding of the markets that this part of the world offers, along with global financial knowledge that is strengthened by our diverse team.

Market forces push and pull, but with an overall strategy that anticipates these changes, we can benefit from the contrasts we find.

Creating A
Better Future

Asset management is an investment strategy that allows us to create a better future, and our passion for delivering a world-class service reflects this. We create fully custom investment strategies to help you reach your financial goals, whatever they might be.

We are committed to using the best asset managers in the market who share this belief, allowing us to work together towards positive progress in communities worldwide.

When we work towards your financial goals together, there is no reason why you cannot succeed.

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